Landscaping Art

Hey everyone! It’s Yulia here and I have a fascination with different forms of art. There is art everywhere if you look for it.

I have a friend who does pest control and green lawn services. Now there is no art that I know that is more valuable than somebody who knows how to get rid of bugs. I don’t care what price it is, just get rid of them!

However that isn’t what I am wanting to discuss today. I want to talk about his other talent and that is green lawns. Apparently where he is in Tampa Florida, there is a demand for green lawns. I guess Florida is such a hot place with little rain that lawns need a little extra help.

His biggest contribution is making sure the lawn has that food it needs. Did you know that? Grass needs nutrients! Here I was thinking it was just a simple weed. Well it is a weed but you get my drift.

Secondly he makes sure there is a water system present. All the food he feeds the lawns won’t do any good if they don’t get a drink.

He keeps it maintained either monthly or quarterly and many times works with the lawn cutting service to time the treatments.

So where is the art?

It is in the lawn itself. Imagine if you had a brown lawn and decided to decorate it with lawn features. Maybe a paver designated area, a bench and bird bath. Kind of hard to picture isn’t it?

It just doesn’t work with a brown lawn. However when you make it green it almost guarantees a change in the rest of the property and home. Something artsy forms. Something unique that sets the home apart from the rest of the neighborhood.

It is much easier to design with a green lawn. It is easier to imagine. It is easier to hang out there in the grass as well .

There you have it. Art in lawns (and pest control). Bet you never thought of that!