Termites and Art

Who knew that termites could pose a threat to art and paintings.

According to LargoTermiteInspection.com we realized that this is something that actually does happen. We believe it because we experienced it.

Frames on paintings come in all kinds of wood or plastic or variations of those materials. Turns out dry wood termites like the older style wood used on older frames.

Well it turns our dry wood termites love that stuff. They are antique collectors in a way. Ha. I joke.

So what did I do about this? I called an exterminator. It wasn’t easy looking for one who knew how to save old frames surrounding pieces of expensive art.

After some inspections and discussion on the best method, we finally were able to remove the termites. With very little evidence of the fact as well.

Largo Termite Inspection did a great job and now they can add a service to their portfolio.